Sunday, November 9, 2008

ASUS AIR3 iPod speaker system

While the iPod sound system boat has already sailed (numerous times), there's always a minor boom in copycats when the holiday season draws near. Thankfully, ASUS' latest contribution to the over-saturated market is one with a differentiating factor, as the AIR3 tunes into internet radio stations as well. According to the posted user's guide in the FCC, the unit can play nice with dock-connecting iPods, stream WiFi radio stations and play back music from any other DAP via the 3.5-millimeter auxiliary jack. You'll also find a 128 x 64 resolution FSTN graphics display, S-Video / composite video outputs, an Ethernet jack and a total of four drivers to kick out the jams. An obligatory remote is also bundled in, though there's obviously no indication of a price tag or release date in those absolutely riveting FCC documents.

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